"The show it's easiest to imagine wanting to watch more of was the show we actually watched the least of, Susane Lee and Andrew Olsen's susaneLand, which screened three extremely brief vignettes, 12 minutes in total. It takes just that long for Lee and Olsen to establish a clear sensibility with each episode basically telling a single, dark joke. How dark? In one, Susane farts in the elevator and kills an old lady. Sounds low-brow, right? Somehow, it becomes an almost Kafka-esque story of inner torment (either preceded by the deadly fart or symbolized by it) and the alienation of modern life, in which sometimes the only way you meet the people closest to you is by killing them in the elevator with flatulence.

Lee is also the star of the series and, having seen how cleanly her perspective fits in this format, I'd love to see what she could do in 22 minutes or several connected episodes taking a joke and building on it. Mostly, these felt literally like episodes from Lee's life, and therefore I see why they were in Indie Episodic."


The Best Indie TV Series at Sundance — That Still Need Distribution

"susaneLand boasts a series of clever vignettes capturing Susane (played by co-creator Susane Lee) in the world as she sees it. One takes a funny, relatable premise and shifts into a darkly comic extremes. Another sees Susane snap at an old man in a grocery store. The final entry screened at Sundance flashed back to when Susane was a kid, experiencing a very peculiar violin lesson. They’re all easy to describe in a few words, but it’s impossible to predict the ending.

Imagine some of the better observational segments in “Better Things” or the unpredictable, but deeply human stories in “Fleabag” and you’ve got a good idea of what Lee and her co-creator Andrew Olsen are bringing to the table. It’s easy to see this becoming a fan favorite web series or developed out into a half-hour narrative, a la the aforementioned projects. Either way, we want more."